ISO 9001 Quality Management System

What exactly does "quality" mean?top


The Oxford English Dictionary gives the following definition:

Quality is the standard or nature of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence possessed by a thing.

Of course you'll find many other meanings for the word; but nevertheless, what's most important is: What is your own, personal definition of this term in relation to a product or service?

When a product goes into production (or a service is set up), the enterprise producing the product or providing the service establishes a quality objective for the ‘Planned or Designed Quality’. The ‘Achieved Quality’ is what has been created with the raw materials used and the processes.

‘Expected Quality’ is what we were looking for above in the personal definition.

What Exactly is ISO STANDARD 9001:2008?top


In order to guarantee the high quality of an object, a standard is required that clearly determines and controls the dimensions of the same.

Fundamentally this standard normalizes the perception of quality that each person has (which is of course quite subjective), to create a homogeneous base that can be used universally for industry.

At an international level the ISO or International Organization for Standardization is the organization responsible for guaranteeing this standard is respected; in Europe the EFQM or European Foundation for Quality Management promotes Total Quality Management.

The ENAC or Entidades Nacionales de Acreditación are organizations that certify a company is observing international quality standards in Spain.

Our company has been certified since April 2014.

What does application of the ISO QUALITY STANDARD entail?top


From the provider's point of view, the standard helps the company use their resources in the optimal way to create a high quality product, or provide a high quality service, which can be sold at a suitable price.

Without wasting resources, time or labour, production costs can be kept to a minimum to produce the highest possible margins.

Walter Sheward's ‘plan-do-check-act’ cycle precisely describes the essence of quality control and the continuous improvement of processes, the final goal of which is ‘Total Quality’.

Continuous optimization and supervision of the processes, quality planning and establishing quality objectives not only improves an enterprise in-house, it makes it easier to focus on external expectations, in other words absolute customer satisfaction.

Based on a policy of quality, the company can prove it is meeting all the requirements of its Quality Management System, continuously setting new quality objectives, which permanently improve the system on the one hand while raising customer satisfaction to an ever higher level on the other.

A complete copy of our quality policy is available on our web site.

Quality policytop


Agente Consejero Empresarial es una empresa dedicada a ofrecer soluciones en asesoramiento laboral, fiscal y contable, con la garantía de una metodología de trabajo que asegura un alto grado de confiabilidad y que integra las nuevas tecnologías en la gestión de la empresa.

Nuestras soluciones ayudan a nuestros clientes a mejorar su conocimiento y la gestión de su empresa, con el fin de poder avanzar en sus expectativas de crecimiento y responder a las demandas del mercado.

Nuestra vocación es proporcionar un servicio de calidad que ayude a las empresas a optimizar sus recursos y poder estar al corriente de todas las implicaciones legales relacionadas con las administraciones públicas. La mejora continua es una primicia para nosotros.

Nos constituimos en un solo interlocutor en asesoramiento, de tal forma que el cliente pueda acceder a una amplia gama de productos y servicios sin necesidad de acudir a varios proveedores.


La política de nuestra empresa, establecida en torno a la calidad nos afecta a todos y se basa por tanto en los siguientes puntos:

  • Asegurar la satisfacción del cliente con nuestros servicios, a través de una política de reducción de las no conformidades
  • Fomentar la formación y cualificación de nuestros trabajadores, asegurando así la calidad del servicio, la satisfacción del cliente y la satisfacción de nuestros  trabajadores.
  • Informar a los trabajadores sobre la implantación y actualizaciones de esta política de calidad ( ISO 9001-2008)
  • Revisar y actualizar esta política de calidad conforme la empresa avance o las circunstancias o la legislación así lo requieran.
  • Mantener nuestro compromiso de mejorar continuamente la calidad de nuestros servicios, superando nuestras expectativas y las de nuestros clientes.
  • Compromiso claro al cumplimiento de la legislación y/o normativa aplicable y que afecte a nuestros servicios.

Revisado y aprobado por la Dirección: 03/12/2013



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