Accounting Advice

In our consultancy, one of our star services is accounting management. The accounting consultancy is in charge of all the services related to the Mercantile Registry. This type of service deals with aspects related to companies, from their constitution to liquidity tasks.

What distinguishes us as accounting advisors is our knowledge of economic reality. In other words, we take care of carrying out a prior exhaustive analysis of the company in order to be able to properly interpret all the accounting information that is received.

We highlight the following functions:

  • Company accounting management
  • Accounting advice
  • Accounting review
  • Annual closings
  • Accounting audits

Tax Advice

As tax advisers, our functions are aimed at helping the self-employed and companies with their tax obligations. We help to ensure that all responsibilities related to taxes and accounting are fulfilled in a timely manner.

In many cases, our advice can lead to a large reduction in the amount to be taxed, since sometimes the laws contemplate exemptions and the application of deductions or adjusting the company’s activity in the most advantageous way can lead to a reduction in costs.

Do you know what our functions are as tax advisors? It is highly advisable to have a tax advisor, since he has great tax, accounting and commercial knowledge. We, from our consultancy, offer our clients the best of services thanks to our extensive training and our years of experience.

Labor Advice

As experts in labor law, we are dedicated to the management of labor matters in companies, advising managers so that they comply with current regulations. In other words, we manage all aspects related to workers.

This type of service is highly recommended for all types of companies, regardless of their volume. Since it will allow them to save costs and avoid risks and unforeseen events.

We prepare the contracts of the workers, we manage sick leaves, we process dismissals and we even act as intermediaries in case of conflicts.

These are just some of our functions within the workplace. If you want to have our services you just have to contact us and we will inform you in a personalized way.

Legal Advice

Legal advice is probably one of the most effective tools for companies. When dealing with problems or conflicts related to laws or regulations, having a legal advisor is essential.

We respond to many situations that occur in the day to day of companies, which can lead to serious problems if they are not addressed properly.

Among our functions are:

  • Interpretation and advice on laws and regulations
  • Incorporation of companies
  • Commercial / civil contracts
  • Procedures before public bodies
  • Registration and protection of trademarks and/or patents

High solutions
quality legal advice
for foreigners

We provide high quality solutions in Legal Advice for Foreigners. In addition to offering our clients legal help, we also provide all administrative resources regarding problems arising from their situation.

We advise people with immigrant status to learn how they can regularize their situation or consolidate their already regularized situation, avoiding possible future problems.


Swiss citizen Thomas Muhmenthaler’s Agency has been offering its professional consulting services since 2004 for companies and individuals, giving advice with all formal transactions with spanish public administrations.

The main branches of our assistance for companies are: bookkeeping / accountability, taxes, salaries & work-contracts, as well as juridical information about civil-, commercial-, labour-, and tax-law.

Our special tasks are consulting and assistance for the formation of your company, whether it is starting a new project or establishing a branch office.
Import and export of any merchandise from and to Spain.

We advise individuals from the application of the N.I.E., Residency-Card or the Social-Security-Number, registration of your car in Spain, up to the submission of the tax return for residents and non-residents.

We would like to asist you with the organization and transaction of all formal matters and we give you support with all kinds of problems with any spanish administration.

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